We Welcome in 2018 with a Psych Ball

The Eugene Psychedelic Ball

I’ve been looking forward to this show for several weeks. These are some of my favorite bands. I hit up the promotor Tim of Snow White the band about shooting the show and he was stoked I was able to make it out. I know that guy puts a lot of work into this gala, and I really wanted to be there for it. The Hi-Fi is the perfect spot for a show like this. The main room is big, with great sound, the space is fantastic. There was a DJ in the lounge, a dance party up front filled the room all night too.

Mad Alchemy

Mad Alchemy had a spectacular analogue light show inside the Main Room with psychedelic visuals displayed behind the bands and outside on the back patio.

Surfs Drugs

Yeah, probably the best set from them I’ve seen in quite some time. They feed off the crowd energy and redirect back to them. It’s a vicious circle. I’ve known Berg pretty much his whole life and that kid has been making the music he wants to make and makes no apologies for it. When Surfs Drugs hits the stage they are definitely using the Force.

Haunted Summer

This was a new band for me. A very good band, they fit in really well with this show. Their music has a lot of dynamic elements. Trippy but heavy on the bass and drum, which I happen to like a lot. The crowd loved this band too. They are heading out on a 45 day tour and should be rolling through Eugene in January.

Sacred Trees

This is another band that I discovered at last year’s Psych Ball. WOW.. Really. WOW. So good. What can I say?

Snow White

A two piece band, Tim on guitar and Lauren on keys and vocals. Haunting, almost eerie with a trippy overtones. There is a lot of experimental-pop-rock-jazz-psych going on here. I like their sound a lot. When I was in the crowd I scanned the crowd and all I saw was faces swaying. Reminiscent of deer in headlights. Their fans are way into it. “You’re channeling something, girl.” —woman standing next to me.

The Shivas

I love this band so much! I will never forget the first time I saw them in 2015 at Rontoms. I was wondering how I’ve never seen them before that. I’ve only seen seen them a half a dozen times. They brought on a second guitar player, Jeff(boyardee) of another PDX band I love, MELT. Listen to these guys below. We are so lucky to see them here in Eugene.

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