Tuesday Night’s Alright for Fighting

Tuesday night is also great for live music in Eugene.

A four band line-up with a solid crowd all night. Old Nick’s is really becoming a favorite small venue of mine. This evening at Old Nick’s had two out-of-town bands accompanying the locals. It really was a great night.

100 Watt Mind

This band from Ashland, Oregon is crushing it down there, and I was stoked to see them in Eugene. They played to an appreciative crowd. A classic rock-and-roll sound without being cliché. A solid band.

Surfs Drugs

Local heroes fronted by Berg Radin, are just getting better every time they take the stage. Last night they killed it again. Still one of my favorite bands.

New Move

They were passing through town and were able to get in on a great bill and show Eugene there is still some great original music coming out Portland. They also brought a baritone sax player. So tight!

Le Rev

The night was closed out by this super-group. I really love this band. Their sound really stands out, not just locally, but anywhere.
You need to check out this band as soon as you can.

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