Treefort Day Four — The Hits Keep On Coming

There was so much going on that I was really having trouble deciding which shows to go to. I had so much fun.

Saturdays are longer than during the week. Shows and events start early. I even saw some roller derby action for instance. That was so much fun.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, Treasure Valley Roller Derby put on a friendly in a parking lot downtown. That was opened up by an electric guitar singing the national anthem.

First up was the Main Stage. Mandolin Orange, a country / bluegrass band that packed the main stage. The was a fun set to watch, especially from the photo pit.

Haviah Mighty at PreFunk was so killer and when I got there, I couldn’t get anywhere near the stage. They were electric.

I stayed at PreFunk for Canadian Rock Band, Goodbye Honolulu. They were absolutely fantastic. A fun band to watch, and it was another packed house.

Daniel coaxed me to go back to Main Stage to catch Chai. A four-piece female Japanese pop band. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun they were. As Daniel stated, “the cutest band at Treefort.” I was starting to feel run down, but this made my week!

Ava Luna! Yes, they are so good. This was funny, but I couldn’t remember what made me tag them with a heart on the Treefort app, but ten seconds after they started, I immediately realized why they made the list.

King Who, had a hard hitting set at Neurolux. This band has been a favorite of mine for a long time. The sound at Neurolux is so good. Sadly the band started a little late, so the set had to be cut a little short.

Now off to PreFunk again for jo passed. A Vancouver B.C. band, they are so good and clearly very popular, the who front row in front of the stage was photographers. This band is worth standing in a light rain.

I ran to The Basque Center to catch the end of Tango Alpha Tango‘s set, when I walked in, the room was packed. I’ve seen this band a few times and they never fail to impress.

Don Chicharrón, a great band to close out the night. The Basque Center, was nuts. This killer latin band was so good. The energy they came to the stage with, hit an 11! This is a Denver band, and next time I’m in Denver, I am going to look these guys up for a show.

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