Tom’s Treefort 2018 Favorites

I know, you can’t have a favorite when you’re at Treefort! Well, I have to say there are some sets that just completely blew me away. There’s no better vehicle for music discovery than Treefort. What better way to get to know bands than to see them perform live? A lot more fun than Spotify.

So here are photo galleries of my favorite sets. Be sure to listen to the tracks as well.

Kelli Schaefer

This was a fantastic set, it was at the Linen building which is one of my favorite spots to see music during Treefort.

jo passed

According to a fellow music photographer and friend Todd Walberg, this band was not to be missed. Todd was right. These guys were fantastic. They are from Vancouver B.C. and have been signed with Sub Pop.

Lala Lala

Holy smokes, this band was just rockin’ I loved their set. They played at the Boise All-ages Movement Project space. The venue was packed and for good reason. I’m glad I got to see them.

And And And

Anybody that knows me, knows that I love this band! I saw them play three times and this was the first set at the Olympic Venue. The place was packed, and the guys just really crushed. I happen to know that David Streit was running the board. He’s a top notch engineer.

Titus Andronicus

Normally, a full band, they only brought a two-piece setup for this show, but they were so freakin’ amazing. If you ever see them on a bill anywhere, GO!

Check out their website to see some music videos they have posted.

Everyone is Dirty

Damn, this was probably my favorite show to photograph over the whole five days of Treefort. They put on a powerful show. The linen Building’s stage was the perfect setting for them. I saw them on the Treefort app and had a listen, and I immediately knew I had to go see them!

Marshall Poole

These guys came to Eugene and played the dearly departed Black Forest Bar. They put on one helluva show then and they pulled off an even tighter show at The Shredder for Day 3 at Treefort! I really like this band.


Neurolux was packed to the gills for this show. For good reason as it turns out. If you like loud rock guitar, this is the band for you. I managed to get to front row for this show. It was tough to hold my spot, there were a lot of people fighting their way towards the stage. Halfway through the show, the crowd erupted into waves of mosh. I’ve been in tough mosh pits in my day, this was by far the biggest, yet the friendliest. If that’s even a thing.

Haley Heynderickx, Nick Delffs, and Company

One of my favorite things about this whole Treefort thing, is all the sideshows. My local guide, Travis Mantha took me to this taco shop (accross the street from Neurolux) to a little hidden room and there were was a little acoustic show going on. It was super low-key and really entertaining. It was really great seeing nick Delffs there. This was also my first introduction to Haley Heynderickx. I’m afraid I don’t know the other three musicians, but they were extremely talented. Good stuff.

Blackwater Holylight + Weeed

I’ve been a long time fan of Laura Hopkins, especially her Laura Palmer’s Death Parade project. When she got together Blackwater Holylight, I was an instant fan. Weeed, man those guys just crush! Who has two drummers?! I guess Weeed does.

This set was really fun. First Weeed played and instead of a normal transisition, Blackwater Holylight comes in and they jam for a few minutes then Weeed jumped off stage. It was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed when both bands played together. THREE DRUMMERS. Nuff said.

I know technically it’s two sets, but I’m counting it as one.


Nouveauxfaux is a new band to me. These guys hail from Portland, Ore. I had met bass player Kelly Simmons on this trip through my friend Travis.

I love basement bars for some reason, This was an awesome set, the stage wasn’t ideal for these guys, I’m impressed to how tight the rhythm section held it down for the keys and lead guitar. Give them a listen below.

Surfs Drugs

How can anyone not love this band. Berg thought it would be great to add a couple of extra players. He brought in an all-star lineup. As usual on the bass he built himself, Conor Magid. Jeff(Boyardee) on drums, you may recognise him from those awesome bands MELT, Coma Serfs, and The Shivas. We also got to see the triumphant return of WhiteLightnin a.k.a. Ryan Wiggens also Berg’s band mate in And And And. Also with super duper special guest guitar Tatiana Havill Affatati of the bands Nudie Mags and the Beepsters.

Clarke and the Himselfs

This set was fantastic. It’s not every day that you see a one-person-multi-instrument band pull this off so well. Such an amazing set. The massive stage at El Korah was the perfect spot for her to perform to that massive audience.

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