Thursday! Treefort Day 2

The first stop was Neurolux for Kid Dakota, from Minneapolis. Not a great band name, but a damn fine two piece rock band. It was an early show and the venue wasn’t very crowded at all. I just wandered in because I heard a rock band from outside. I made the right decision.

Next stop was at the Linen Building for Western Daughter. Great sound, horrible lights, and awesome vibe. I love this place. It’s such a good spot to see music. I had never heard of Western Daughter, but they’re a Boise band. I liked them, and so did everyone else, it was a packed house.

I made an early arrival to the Olympic Venue and caught the last few songs of Gentle Spirit. I didn’t really get much of a feel of them, but I liked what I heard.

And And And brought in one helluva crowd at the Olympic Venue. This is such a cool stage and fun venue. I’m fairly certain that most of the people at this show were from PDX. This was one of my favorite And And And sets I’ve ever heard. It was so good!

I made it to yet another awesome show at the Linen Building for Rick Maguire of the band Pile. He puts on a good show. Linen Buildings stage is a pretty good size and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a solo performer on that stage.

Vunderbar was a band that I have never seen before, and they pulled off a good show. I really like those guys, but you can believe it was hard getting close to the stage. This is a solid rock band. That drummer though, that guy is solid.

Titus Andronicus! Actually a truncated version of the band, still absolutely killer. They were just a two-piece tonight. I think that was my favorite show of the day.

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