They Were Called Superdream

This week I was re-organizing and tagging in my Lightroom image archives. When I got to the files 12-07-15 and 12-07-16 (since re-filed as F2007-12-15 and F2007-12-16 respectively) I felt compelled to re-scan these negatives. I own a better scanner these days and I am better at the scanning process.

In December 2007 I traveled to Eugene, OR to visit my brothers for the holidays. One evening Berg dragged me to his band practice and introduced me to his friends Nathan and Ryan. I tag along to his band practice in Ryan’s basement.

His new band is called Superdream. They had been playing for a while at this point. These guys were really good. Fortunately, I had my trusty Canon EOS A2 with me

I’ve never seen them play any shows, but they didn’t stick around Eugene for too much longer. They soon moved to Portland, OR and started a new band, And And And sometime in 2009.

Some articles about: And And And.

Camera: Canon EOS A2 | Film: Ilford HP5+

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