Treefort Recap with VCR

Berg and I sat down with The Mayor, Emma, and Tyler of the Eugene rock band VCR. We talked about our time at Treefort this year. We finally got a chance to sit down with our homies and we had a great time with them. Be sure to check out: Taco john’s @deluxe_rural_wear on Instagram… Read More »

A 5 Day Treefort Adventure

  This was my second Treefort, I’m glad I was able to attend this year. I’ll try to breakdown how it works. The festival does not work like most summer festivals do, but a lot of format similarities are clear. With a lot of summer music festivals you can show up and camp or get… Read More »

Time to Rally for Day 5 of Treefort

I’m a little tired and may even be a bit burnt out. I managed to still catch some great bands though. Navigating the streets and venues on day 5 of Boise was challenging, but I carried on. Five days do seem like a long time for a music festival. Although this is not a camping… Read More »

I Slowed Down for Day 4

Day 4 was nice and easy and I didn’t huff around town as I had in the first three days. I could tell that other attendees were a bit slower as well. Saturday was a day that I caught up with bands that I am already familiar with. It was a nice change, but hopefully… Read More »

Rainy Day at Treefort, Day 3

Let the rain come. The music still won’t stop. Another day here in the musical wild west. There is so much music, it’s hard to keep track of all the places I needed to go. The Treefort app does make it easier though. Despite the constant rain, there were huge crowds of people running from… Read More »

I Went to a Play! Day 2 at Treefort

On Thursday: Travis, Berg, Nathan and I went to a brilliant play at the Boise Contemporary Theater called “There’s Chinese Tunnels Under Boise”. I can tell you that the play has a musical theme, but isn’t a Musical. I don’t want to tell you too much, I don’t want to spoil it. The play was… Read More »

Treefort 2017 Day 1

Day one was a pretty good start. I only caught a few bands, but it was still a fantastic start. This is not a review of the shows, I just want to share some images from the sets. The acts that I caught: Fulton and Hunt Meat Puppets Trout Steak Revival Tomorrow is a new… Read More »