Luckey’s Local Showcase

The music season is once again upon us. Tonight’s show at Luckey’s Club was pretty damn good. The line-up was awesome; Maci DeBlanc,  Breakfast Boys Leisure League, and Connor and My Friends. Tonight’s show should have been a little better attended for a Saturday night. The crowd was cool though and everybody was there to see… Read More »

Another Luckey Night

Luckey’s has been really setting a new standard for live music. They are pulling in great bands every weekend. This weekend we had a solo performance by Colin Redmond a.k.a. CR Ensemble. His new band was not able to come out and play the for this show. If Colin is any indication, they must be… Read More »

Thursday – Pink Mexico, Granrojo, Holler House

Last night was just plain fun. I saw three bands. Granrojo First up was a local surf-rock band, Granrojo. Pink Mexico These guys call themselves, Pink Mexico. They hail from Brooklyn NY, and you know what, they’re pretty damn good.   Holler House I love this band, Holler House. I’ve seen them a bunch of… Read More »

Fools Passing in the Night

We all have a friend that has a band. A lot of us are guilty of never going out to see that friend’s band. I fell into that trap, but I finally went to see Fools last night at Luckey’s Club. They opened a three band show with Left On Wilson and Normal Bean Band.… Read More »

Nudie Mags, Tape Release Party

A wonderful Friday night at Luckey’s Club. We gathered for Nudie Mags’ tape release. The night started with one my of favorite local rock bands, Holler House. Those guys crush. A really great band. Next up, Steel Kitty. A local band that I’ve never seen before. I like them. They are fairly punk-rock-and-rolly. Nudie Mags.… Read More »

Killer Whale, Sama Dams, and Le Rev

Friday was not a boring night of music in Shelbyville. Sama Dams came to visit from Portland, Killer Whale from the Bay Area was ending their tour, and Le Rev close out the night with another fantastic set. Killer Whale was a really fun band to catch on Luckey’s stage. The sound was fantastic and… Read More »

A Slow Saturday Night in Shelbyville

Last night I had a lull in my schedule and Katelynn posted on Facebook about a show at Luckey’s Club, Station Wag and Boomchick. I have never heard of the bands, I looked them up on the interwebs and both bands seemed to have a solid following. I made it to Luckey’s by soundcheck. I… Read More »

A Grand Music Tour

And And And, Scott Yoder, and Surfs Drugs are on the road for a mini-tour. They started the tour in sunny Eugene, Oregon at Luckey’s Club. A great time was had by all. The Portland Event: on Facebook The Seattle Event: on Facebook Tom ChamberlainTom is a photographer, writer, blogger, video maker and all-around image… Read More »