And And And Played a House Show…

…with Paleons, Creep Creep Janga, and Victoria Mitchell. Yeah, that’s a killer line up. It’s the first show I’ve been to in a long time that I didn’t bring a camera. Fortunately I met Ashley McMurray and she was there with her camera. It was a nice to go to a show where I can… Read More »

It’s Like They Had a House Show at A Bar

This is the third time I’ve seen bands at Fathoms. That place is pretty chill, it reminds me of seeing show in the basement of somebody’s house, sans-cobwebs of course. It’s actually better, because you can order pizza slices at the bar, and they have plenty of beer. Coming off of a small west-coast tour,… Read More »

Anatomy of the House Show

The House Show, a fickle beast. We all remember when house shows were happening all the time. The idea that you could hit up a random house party and there would a band in the basement. Ah, the good ol’ days were grand. I have been to more house shows than I could shake a… Read More »