Fade In Chorus

On a Stifling Warm Evening, Listening to Miami Mansions

It’s been in the upper 90s here in the Pacific Northwest for weeks. I am not good with this heat. It’s not why I live in Oregon. However, there are plenty of things to take your mind off of the weather. Earlier today Kaichi, sent me a link to Bandcamp with an album he and Read the full article…

The Parlance of Jargon

Not a review of Jargon’s new album Ginkgo Biloba

The Aces of Bass

Today’s show was all about that bass guitar. (pun intended) I was joined by Jargon bass player, Davis and Connor of Surfs Drugs at Max’s Bar for a nice chat. We had a great time and maybe I learned a thing or two. Bands we talked about: Childspeak Ah God Talkative The Blast Majesty Summer Read the full article…

Getting to Know You | Side A

Hey, we did it! The first Fade In Chorus Analogue Podcast is here. We talked about who we are and what we do and how much we love the up and coming music scene here in Eugene. Check these groups out: EUGENE M.A.S.V. Pancho + The Factory VCR George Baltzer Le Rev …remember the Alamo Read the full article…

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