…Meanwhile, Black Forest is Forced Out

Gentrification takes another soul. This time it happens with a local music venue/bar, Black Forest. Another faceless corporation has purchased the building that Black Forest has occupied for more than a decade. They will vacate the building on the 3rd of November. The purchase of the building by the new owner also forced the relocation… Read More »

You Can’t Go Wrong at the Black Forest

I am glad there is so much live music available to me here in Eugene. I had a long Thursday in front of the computer. I was finishing up my last wedding editing gig of the season (I hope) at about 9:00 pm. I was able to take a break for a couple of hours… Read More »

The Forest for the Trees

Since I’ve been back in Eugene, I have admittedly avoided going to shows at the Black Forest. Several years back I went to a show there and had a terrible time, I vowed never to go back. Last night Jordan Blaisdell of The Critical Shakes invited me to his show and I begrudgingly went. I… Read More »