Surfs Drugs Hosts Rain Cult and Ice Queens

Surfs Drugs, Rain Cult, and Ice Queens take the stage at the Hi-Fi Lounge.

Bands have made the trek from Portland more often lately. It’s been great to see friends playing shows at my favorite Eugene venues.

This past Thursday 14 December 17, Surfs Drugs had a show with Rain Cult and Ice Queens. Three fantastic bands, great sound (thanks to Skyeler for the sound), and a fun crowd. I expected a bigger audience despite it being a Thursday night. It was a fun crowd though. I can’t really ask for much more than to hang out with friends at a good show on a cold night.

Rain Cult, fronted by Dustin Simensen formerly of Coma Serfs was first up. This was their first show at a venue as a band. I loved their set, it went over well with the crowd as well. I can’t wait to see these guys again.

Ice Queens, absolutely crushed their set. It’s their thing. I love how loud, fast, and technical they are. Good songwriting, great stage presence, and all-around fun time. I’ve known these guys for a couple of years now and they never disappoint.

Surfs Drugs, Those guys are just really good and they get better every time I see them.

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