A Slow Saturday Night in Shelbyville

Last night I had a lull in my schedule and Katelynn posted on Facebook about a show at Luckey’s Club, Station Wag and Boomchick. I have never heard of the bands, I looked them up on the interwebs and both bands seemed to have a solid following. I made it to Luckey’s by soundcheck. I grabbed a beer, Ranier of course and waited for everything to come together.

One thing that really stuck out for me.

Everyone in the bar, the band, the audience, all Gen Xers. This is something I have never experienced at a show in Luckey’s or even in Eugene for that matter. This is not miraculous by any means. This is very typical for Eugene, but since I am deeply rooted in Generation X, I have somewhat abandoned the my generation’s local music scene. I’ve grown tired of going to jamband and reggae shows. It seems my time in Boulder has left emotional scars, because that’s the only live music you see there. I was stoked to see original live rock from my generation!

Gen X has almost lost its meaning.

I think this is the generation that was defined by music, angst and partying. We’ve grown older and wiser. The operative word is older of course. I could tell that rock shows had taken their toll on my generation. Everybody was sitting as far away from the stage as they could. UGH! Stand up people!

ed. note: First post in a long time. We’re back from summer break. There shall be a lot more stuff coming soon.

Boomchick is up first.

I liked this band from the very first riff. They have a great sound and well practiced. I felt there was room for more raw bass riffs. Still, a tight band. Towards the end of the set a guy takes the stage with the band and did a 90s rap-over-heavy guitar set. It was a tight freestyle kinda thing, it worked well.

I was surprised that there wasn’t a big crowd for this band, especially for a band this good and on a Saturday night at Luckey’s.

Station Wag closes the show.

I knew I was going to like this band the moment they took the stage. Maybe it was the big bearded guy on drums or the black-metal styled guitarist with the low slung Les Paul. I really liked this band. The lead vocalist has a such a huge voice and strong stage presence. The two guitarist rip. The bass and drums hold it down. A really good band!

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