Closing Thoughts on My Treefort, 2019

For me, Treefort just gets better every year. I went to my first Treefort back in 2015. I was late […]

Day Five: All Good Things Come to an End

Day five had some rain early in the day and I think that put a damper on the outdoor shows. […]

Treefort Day Four — The Hits Keep On Coming

There was so much going on that I was really having trouble deciding which shows to go to. I had […]

Day Three: The Treefort Adventure Continues

Friday was another great day. There were a lot more early and unofficial shows. My day started early with a […]

Day Two: Day of the Homies

Going to shows is fun, even if you are going solo. However, when you have the kind of homies I’m […]

If Day One is Any Indication….

Holy smokes this was a great start. I saw four killer bands. I ran into my homie and fellow photographer, […]

Tom’s Treefort Favorites

I know, you can’t have a favorite when you’re at Treefort! Well, I have to say there are some sets […]

The Drummers of Treefort

Drummers, we photographers haven’t forgotten about you, we just can’t see you very well.

We Made It Out Alive! Treefort Day 5

Day five was a lot of fun. Despite waking up to a couple of inches of snow, it turned quite […]

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