Halloween at Luckey’s Club

Luckey’s Club Hosted Childspeak, Pancho + The Factory, and Night Demons on Halloween night. It wasn’t all that spooky, but it was a helluva good show. The sound was fantastic […]

…Meanwhile, Black Forest is Forced Out

Gentrification takes another soul. This time it happens with a local music venue/bar, Black Forest. Another faceless corporation has purchased the building that Black Forest has occupied for more than […]

It’s Like They Had a House Show at A Bar

This is the third time I’ve seen bands at Fathoms. That place is pretty chill, it reminds me of seeing show in the basement of somebody’s house, sans-cobwebs of course. […]

A Slow Saturday Night in Shelbyville

Some people rely on Facebook to tell them what’s going on in town, I am one those people. I have noticed there has been a significant decrease in FB invites […]

The Triumphant Return of Ant House

Last night I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Ant House. A longtime favorite house-show venue. It’s been several months since there has been a show.

Everybody Can’t Win

When Nathan picks up a guitar, magic just happens. It was great to get half of Surfs Drugs for the an acoustic set. Ryan Wiggans is one of the first […]

A 5 Day Treefort Adventure

This was my second Treefort, I’m glad I was able to attend this year. I’ll try to breakdown how it works. The festival does not work like most summer festivals […]

Time to Rally for Day 5 of Treefort

I’m a little tired and may even be a bit burnt out. I managed to still catch some great bands though. Navigating the streets and venues on day 5 of […]

I Slowed Down for Day 4

Day 4 was nice and easy and I didn’t huff around town as I had in the first three days. I could tell that other attendees were a bit slower […]

Rainy Day at Treefort, Day 3

Let the rain come. The music still won’t stop. Another day here in the musical wild west. There is so much music, it’s hard to keep track of all the […]