Saving James’s Ass

Maintaining my faith in humanity.

A few weeks back I ran into Sarah Nachbar at Doc’s Pad and she told me that she and couple of friends were organizing a benefit for James Smith. I don’t know James, but I added to my calendar. James Smith is a local musician, he found himself with a serious medical condition. His friends rallied behind him and put on an incredible fundraiser to help with his medical expenses. There was a huge turnout for for the benefit. I sorta forgot about, but it popped up on my calendar yesterday and I made my way over to Doc’s right on time. For the most part it was a metal show. The music was loud, but the bands were fantastic. There was one point when I was taken to the ground by a mosher. I was too close to the pit I guess. Sure she was barely 100 lbs (45 kilograms), but she had a lot of momentum.

A great night of loud music, a burlesque act, a raffle, and a silent auction. oh and a dollar from every Pabst Blue Ribbon draught sold went to the cause.

I love these kinds of events. I’ve never met James and I can’t recall ever seeing him on stage, but I have friends that love and respect him. That’s good enough me. I willing to bet that sentiment is shared by the people I love and respect. This little music community is quite supportive of each other. I love seeing friends pull together for an event like this just to come to the aid of a friend. Even though I only knew a handful of people at this show, it’s great to see and experience the camaraderie in this particular music community.

Sarah, you put together one helluva party!

The evening’s lineup:

If we could all be so lucky as to have such great friends, the world might be a happier place.

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