S.A.S.S. Show at Luckey’s

Live Music

There has been a lot of attention on sexual assault lately. Social media has been buzzing with the headlines of victims pleas and perpetrators apologies. A few months back a popular Portland musician had admitted that he had committed an act of sexual assault on a woman. New outlets and blogs from across the country picked up the story and just ran with it. Admission on social media rarely occurs. It seems as if a lot of people in the Portland music community was caught off guard, as if this such a terrible thing could never happen in their circle. Sexual assault happens in all social-circles.

With the help of many dedicated volunteers, there was a Rock N Roll Benefit for S.A.S.S. at Luckey’s Bar in downtown Eugene Oregon. It was a wonderful show. The bands were outstanding.

Holler House, Surfs Drugs, VCR, Pancho + the Factory.

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