Pot Sounds by Clarke and the Himselfs – What I Think About It

Pot Sounds, by Clarke and the Himselfs.

They reached out to us and asked if we wanted to take a listen before the album was released. So this is what I think about it.

Full disclosure, I am already a fan.

my rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I’ve read a few other online reviews of this this album, and they are all glowing. I completely agree with those sentiments. It’s beautiful.

Do I think this is a defining record for Clarke and the Himselfs? No, I don’t believe so. Although, I do feel like it is an important record in the discography. I’m not sure I would have said that had I not gone back and listened to everything on their Bandcamp site.

Pot Sounds is only a bit of a departure from the older albums. The album opens up with a beautiful instrumental, Prologue and ends in another instrumental, Epilogue.

The first time listening to this album I’m sitting in my favorite chair wearing my favorite Audio Technica headphones and I was blown away by how beautifully recorded Pot Sounds is. It was recorded on 2-Inch tape at Ft Lawton in Seattle. For those of you that know what that means…you know what that means. It’s a great recording and the mixing seems to be spot on. This is an all-around well engineered record.

The album starts off and closes with beautiful melodies. The middle is filled with those same melodic sounds and dappled with some rock guitar, notes of grunge, slide guitar, and of course stellar drumming.

Clarke made an interesting choice by opening up with a nice instrumental for over three minutes then the second track, Rewind is twelve seconds. This twelve seconds seems to reset us and this seems to prepare us for Don’t Save Me.

I haven’t completely deciphered the story that’s being told me, but as far as I can tell, it’s a different story for different listeners. This is standard operating procedure for Clarke and the Himselfs though.

The high production quality doesn’t need to save this record, it’s already fantastic. That high quality production takes it up a couple of notches!

There shall be vinyl!

The album will be official released on 18 October 2019, order it here: clarkeandthehimselfs.com.

Listen to a new podcast episode, we had something of a listening party at Berg’s place and we talk about this album.

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