And And And Played a House Show


…with Paleons, Creep Creep Janga, and Victoria Mitchell.

Yeah, that’s a killer line up.

It’s the first show I’ve been to in a long time that I didn’t bring a camera. Fortunately I met Ashley McMurray and she was there with her camera. It was a nice to go to a show where I can concentrate on the music.

I’ve never been to a show at this house, I didn’t know what to expect, but I met friends there. The place is near campus so you can bet that there were a lot of college-age people. I think people of my generation forget that house shows are fun. I met a bunch of really nice people. There was a lot of people drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, but a mellow crowd indeed. I even saw a opossum in the back yard, that was fun.

Victoria Mitchell

First up, Victoria Mitchell, a solo singer-songwriter. She has a very nice voice, but she seems to not have much stage experience. She was very quiet behind the mic. She seems to be well on her way to getting over any nervousness on stage though. She plays a beautiful Taylor acoustic guitar, but she didn’t push that guitar as far as it it could go. We all stood in that living room, quiet as church mice. Victoria is very capable, but it takes time to gain the confidence to belt out the songs like I know she can.

Creep Creep Janga

These guys are just unbelievable. Judi is no stranger to that microphone. She’s backed by three other hard-hittin’ musicians. She’s so good and has a wonderful stage presence. I’d venture to say Dylan and his guitar decided to stay in the 70s rock-n-roll era, but I’m fairly certain he wasn’t born anywhere near the 70s. That kid shreds. There were a few times where he just went off into a prog-rock zone as if he was taking us somewhere. Then there’s Trevor. Yeah, that guy makes that bass just scream. He plays in two killer bands, I don’t know how he finds the time to kill it like he does. Fortunately Harrison holds down the drums so damn well with these guys. That guy could play on top of any music. This is a band that no one should miss!

And And And

I’ve know these guys for almost a decade. I’ve seen them grow so much over the years. Every album is different and every performance is unique. Watching this band at a house show is the best way to see them. This night was not an exception.


Metal meets Prog-rock? I hate trying to put a band into a box like that, but since I can’t telepathically communicate what their sound was, a box it shall be. These guys are completely out of hand. So effin’ good. Loud, fast, tight, and loud. Yeah, so good. I need to see this band again, very soon!

Photos by Ashley McMurray

Ashley McMurray is a music photojournalist and contributing editor for Odyssey. She is currently a student at the University of Oregon. Her entire life has always revolved around writing, music, and photography. She’s an incredibly passionate and driven individual who works hard to make her dreams come true. She has photographed and written articles about many Eugene bands, including Creep Creep Janga, Punisher, and Spiller.

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