Percy Hill, 16 Years Later

On 11 May 2018 I caught Percy Hill playing in Cambridge, Massachusetts at The Sinclair.

Color in Bloom, 20th Anniversary

I had not seen this band since The 20th of September 2002 at the Paradise in Boston. That show was also amazing.

Percy Hill is an amazing band that just up and disappears in the mid 2000s. Their old website went blank. This was before social media took hold, so that presence was non-existent. It was clear they had disbanded and perhaps their side projects would gain steam.

Forced listening to Percy Hill on my Sony CD Walkman, I thought would never see the band live again.

A couple of months ago I see an email from Bands in Town and if I didn’t see Percy Hill in the subject line, I would have completely missed it, because I probably would have deleted the email. I’ve notice recently that the band has ramped up their social media presence too, which is helpful for old guys like me.

I hit up friends back in New England and it was on. This was by far one of the best shows I’ve been to in a lot of years. I have to hand it The Sinclair, the sound and light was phenomenal.

I hope this means we’re gonna get some new music from these guys.

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