Pancho Puts On a X-Mas Pageant

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I think everybody can get behind a worthy cause. Education and awareness of social issues is a big a help to making changes in culture.

Earlier this year a Portland musician (from Eugene) admitted on Facebook that he sexually assaulted a woman while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The story gained national attention. I think it cast a negative spotlight on the Pacific Northwest music scene.

In response, some fine musicians here in Eugene decided to get together and start an organization to expand awareness and help educate people on the subject of sexual violence. There is a real need for education and support, even in the tight knit music community.

This show was a grand, and dare I say epic. Every act played two or three songs and exit stage right as the next act entered stage left. There was also Comedy and dance acts to round out the entertainment. I was told that soundchecks started at 4:30. I wish I would have known that, I would have shown up early.

I can’t say enough good things about the lighting and sound at the HiFi. With so many acts rotating through, the crew got the job done. It was fantastic. This venue easily rivals Mississippi studios. The lighting is beats Mississippi as well, and I’ve always loved the lighting there. I’m not a big fan of LED lights, but they have a good mix of traditional lighting and LED for accent, and a good smoke machine.


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