On a Stifling Warm Evening, Listening to Miami Mansions

It’s been in the upper 90s here in the Pacific Northwest for weeks. I am not good with this heat. It’s not why I live in Oregon. However, there are plenty of things to take your mind off of the weather.

Earlier today Kaichi, sent me a link to Bandcamp with an album he and friend Trevor put together. I’ve covered Kaichi’s other band, The Dimly Lit before, and I really like that band.

I sat in my chair with the fan blowing the warm outside air at me as I listened to Joy & Discomfort through my headphones. I just kicked back and soaked in this album. When the album finished, I stood up from chair, I went to my desk, and I bought the album on Bandcamp and listened again, this time just through my desk speakers.

This is a real soulful album. Ten songs, layered instrumentation, without going overboard musically. It’s easy to go too far when you’re trying to make a record. Kaichi’s vocals are impressive on this record. A lot of his tone reminds me of Depeche Mode meets Smithereens meets Doors meets INXS, without a lot of the corporate polish that comes with that era. Yeah, there’s a fair bit of 80s and 90s in there. I think this comes from Trevor’s style on the synth and keys. Kaichi has plenty of guitar in there to keep it interesting.

Everybody wants to put a label or add a genre to music, but sometimes that can be a little difficult. The album has soul, rock, electronica, and R&B tones. It’s a good album, well recorded and mixed.

If you’re a fan of Kaichi’s rock guitar, this is a big departure from The Dimly Lit. That’s OK though. I want to see these two guys put out another record. This was a nice surprise from a friend. I wasn’t intending to write a review about any albums, but this is the second time Kaichi got me by playing music that isn’t so common in these here parts.

Miami Mansions

Kaichi Fujita – Vocals, Bass, Guitar 
Trevor Brooks – Synths, Electric Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Clavinet, Saxophone, Drums, Percussion

Special Guest 
Josh Jerin – Trumpet on track 9 Creature Comfort.

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