Nick Shared a Google Drive Folder of .mp3s with Me

I don’t know Nick Long, but he shared a folder with me. I was cleaning out my Google Drive Folder, I clicked on the “files shared with you” and there was a folder called GDBM in there. I didn’t recognize the folder. It turned out that folder was shared with me last summer. I don’t remember meeting or even talking with Nick. The funny thing is, the folder was shared to my photography email, tom@thomaschamberlain instead of my email here at Fade In Chorus, That was a bit odd I thought. I guess it doesn’t matter how this got to me…

I pulled the files in, scanned them for malware. Then I added them to a new Clementine player playlist and gave it a good listen. I thought it was good enough to give it a second listen. There wasn’t a note with the folder, and I couldn’t tell who the band was. The .mp3 files didn’t have ID3 tags, so I used google music search on my phone, and sure enough google gave me the band name.

Small Words

Small Words is a rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana. The album in the folder was Good Day, Bad Me.

I like the album. It’s not typically the genre I go for with my everyday listening habits. These guys write some good songs, and I’ve been playing them for the last couple of days. I think my favorite track is a toss up between Great Lake and Hardly Worth the Hospice. The album is sort of a contemporary anthem to early-mid twenties angst. There will always be a market for the heavy guitar riffs and aggressive drums.

The lead singer does a great job of singing lyrics of hardship, pain, love, and hate. He seems to be just telling it like it is for him. I appreciate that style.

The album is recorded and mastered well and that says something. Definitely worth a listen. Check them out on Bandcamp:

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