Meanwhile, Black Forest is Forced Out

Gentrification takes another soul.

This time it happens with a local music venue/bar, Black Forest.

Another faceless corporation has purchased the building that Black Forest has occupied for more than a decade. They will vacate the building on the 3rd of November. The purchase of the building by the new owner also forced the relocation of a bicycle shop. I suspect the new owners paid well above market value and have plans of building high-priced apartments and new posh retail on the ground floor. You know, just what downtown Eugene has long been looking for.

I’ll admit that I didn’t like this bar when I walked into it ten years ago, I just had a terrible time that night and I formed a very negative opinion. I went away and hadn’t been back until about a year ago. The staff is fantastic and the regulars are pretty damn chill when I come for a show. This last year I’ve met some rad people at Black Forest. I don’t like being wrong and I hate admitting it even more than that.

Last night was the last Open Jam session in the current site at 50 E 11th Ave, it seems like everybody showed up for the session. Rotating sets by what seemed like every musician I know. I certainly had a great time.

I don’t think anything happens for a reason, but I do believe good can come from change. Black Forest has a long history in the music community. I’ve been told that the bar will reopen in a new site in the coming months. I’m sure it’ll come back and pick up where it left off.

I’ve only to been to a hand-full of Sunday Jam Sessions, but this last year has filled many of my nights with great shows. I am sad to see this place close down, but I look forward to the next adventure.

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