It’s Like They Had a House Show at a Bar

This is the third time I’ve seen bands at Fathoms. That place is pretty chill, it reminds me of seeing show in the basement of somebody’s house, sans-cobwebs of course. It’s actually better, because you can order pizza slices at the bar, and they have plenty of beer.

Coming off of a small west-coast tour, And And And returns for another show in Eugene to great friends waiting for their return. Kyle Craft and The Domestics were in town with the lads for a fantastic show, albeit with a modest attendance. We packed into Fathoms, ate slices and drank some beers and just had an awesome time.

Started off by The Domestics in two-man mode. Leo and Michael really killed it. It was fantastic to see them here in Eugene.

AndAndAnd never ceases to impress. It was great seeing them at Fathoms. I first met Nathan and Ryan in Eugene back in the Superdream days. It doesn’t matter what kind of venue these guys play, they give it everything.

Kyle Craft and his band were absolutely amazing. This band really is “road-tight” right now. I’m fairly certain these guys didn’t flub a single note. It’s always great seeing Kyle. I had also totally spaced that Haven was playing drums with the band. He’s such a great drummer and all around solid homie. On a side note, Haven also plays in Animal Eyes. A band worth seeing too!

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