Killer Whale, Sama Dams, and Le Rev

Friday was not a boring night of music in Shelbyville.

Sama Dams came to visit from Portland, Killer Whale from the Bay Area was ending their tour, and Le Rev close out the night with another fantastic set.

Killer Whale was a really fun band to catch on Luckey’s stage. The sound was fantastic and the crowd was really receptive to their rock-and-roll style. Front man, Thomas Johnson is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana but the band is stationed in the Bay Area. I hope they come through town again real soon.

Sama Dams is one of my favorite bands of all time. Lisa, Sam, and Chris are high on my list of favorite humans. Their music reaches inside of you and just takes hold. It’s powerful, melodic, and colorful. I have a new level of love and respect for these guys every time I see them. They don’t play in town enough for my liking.

If you live in Eugene and go to shows, then you probably have heard of Le Rev. Those guys put on a helluva show. They don’t play often enough for my liking, but live music season has started up and I figure they will be playing more often. It was great to see those guys at Luckey’s.

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