If Day One is Any Indication….

Holy smokes this was a great start. I saw four killer bands. I ran into my homie and fellow photographer, Daniel Stindt at El Korah for Martha Stax and those guys were fantastic. I really like that venue’s setup. and the stage is low and makes the set feel more intimate.

Then I wandered around for a bit and ended up at Neurolux with Daniel. We caught the band, Bloods from Australia, a killer three-piece with a great rock sound.

We then made it over the Linen Building for a UK band I was hoping to catch, Doe. Damn, these guys are so good. The place was packed for them. Then next up was Illuminati Hotties. This band is a four-piece hailing from Los Angeles. They killed it too.

The Linen Building shows never disappoint.

I look forward to day two, and I’m planing to record a podcast episode with a couple of fellow music photographers, Daniel Stindt and Todd Walberg. Hmmm, I haven’t told them yet. I’m sure they’ll be fine with it.

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