Help’s Under a Bridge

It’s not unusual to see someone sitting under a bridge playing a guitar. It is unusual to see a punk rock playing a gig under one.

So when a local musician put together an all-ages show the band, Help from Portland couldn’t resist heading down to Eugene to play an all-ages show under a bridge. Help drummer, Bim Ditson’s hometown happens to be Eugene, so I’m sure that didn’t hurt.

Jordan from Critical Shakes is the one that put together the show under the bridge together. To be straight, it was not a random bridge. It’s a park under a bridge, Washington Jefferson Park, there is a basketball court, horseshoe court, and a skate park protected against the rain during inclement weather.

Three bands played, Weekend Noise Devices, Help, and Critical Shakes. No matter where you live, there are not enough all-ages venues. In general, not enough is being done to foster local music for young people. I think this is a good start. We’ll see, if they could keep this up.

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