Girls Rock!

Burger A Go Go

Wednesday night at my favorite venue in Eugene, the Main Room at the Hi-Fi Music Hall was amazing. A fantastic evening with The Flytraps, Feels, Death Valley Girls, and The Coathangers.

This was two night event, I could only make it to the first night. I’m certain, night two was just as fun as night one. The light show provided by Mad Alchemy Analog Liquid Light Show. Organized by Burger Records, this had a great turnout.

The Flytraps

This was not the first time, I’ve seen this band. I can’t remember for the life of me where I saw them. It was obviously a show I didn’t photograph. However, I am so glad that I caught them and got to photograph the band on this go around. They are so much fun to watch. They absolutely crushed their set.


I’ve never seen this band before, but I was blown away. They are really good! Great rock-n-roll punk psych song-writing going on with this band. A strong four piece with the Front-woman pulling double-duty on guitar and keys. She also has a great voice.

Death Valley Girls

I freaking love this band. I caught them last year at Treefort, and they put on a helluva show. However this time, it was easier to photograph them. They are such a tight band. I’ve worn out their cassette that I bought, Glow in the Dark. It’s so good.

The Coathangers

I also caught this band last year at Treefort, and the crowd went nuts for them there too. This band is so good, or as we say in the industry, punk as ƒūċĸ! I love them so much!

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