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Girls Punch Bears & Childspeak & The Dimly Lit

16 December 2017

On Thursday: Travis, Berg, Nathan and I went to a brilliant play at the Boise Contemporary Theater called “There’s Chinese Tunnels Under I managed to squeeze in two nights in one week of great music in the Hi-Fi Lounge. Girls Punch Bears, Childspeak, and The Dimly Lit.

Girls Punch Bears

I had only heard of this band, word on the street, “This is a band worth catching.” They are a good band. This band really reminded me of the pop-punk bands in Olympia when I was there in the mid 90s. I’ve always loved the music from that era.


Hands down, one of my favorite bands. If you have never been to a one of their shows, you really are missing out!

The Dimly Lit

These guys jumped on tonight’s bill at the last minute, after Skull Diver had to pull out of the show. These guys are good, it seemed like the audience was really into their set. I wouldn’t hesitate to see them again. I’d like to catch another set, I like that style of rock music.

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