Generic Sad Boy Music – The Dimly Lit

Kaichi, of the Eugene rock band, The Dimly Lit hit me up the other day and asked me to listen to his band’s new EP. He sent me the files and I gave it a listen. I really dislike writing album reviews. How do you review someone’s art? That said, this is what I think.

I don’t like the album title, “Generic Sad Boy Music.” Now I got that out of the way…

I’m not doing a song by song review. The album has five songs. They seem to flow nicely from one to the next. Every track is a real rock song, but more of a garage/indie/grunge kind of feel. Rock-n-roll as genre can be interpreted in a lot of ways. Each track of this EP is distinctly different from each other, that is definitely a plus. This is the kind of rock music that I liked when I was in my twenties. Actually, I still like that music now. I think that Gen Xers like myself could easily get behind these guys. I can’t speak for the millennial generation, but I like the album. I’ve probably listened to it six times back to back while editing photos from Treefort. This has made a rotation spot in my library.

The title would suggest that this album is filled with whiny vocals. It’s not. It’s a really good record, despite the EP title. I also want more tracks, damn it. EPs are fine, but when it’s this good I want an LP. Yeah, a full record. I know they could pull it off, they have the song writing chops.At the time of writing, the album wasn’t on Bandcamp but this album is only a minor departure in style and genre from their previous EP, The Paradise EP.


  • Stepdads
  • Riverbend
  • Bastards
  • Whispered Words
  • Lanterns & Vases

The album was tracked, mixed, and mastered by Crosby Kneale.

Listen to their previous EP. It’s pretty good too.

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