Friday Night is for Country Music

I don’t know Country Music, at all…but I know what I like.

I recently met a bluegrass / country music artist Brittany Bailey and she gave me a copy of her last CD and I was just blown away. I realized I don’t know near enough about the genre.

Last night at Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene, Berg booked a honky tonk night and put together a great show with Britt Bailey and her band, JD Miller and the Broken Heart Rodeo, and Yeehawk. The venue was packed to the gills.

This left me with the feeling that I haven’t been paying enough attention to this. Brittany was up first and they mostly covered country standards. I must confess, I didn’t recognize most of the songs. So, when they played a couple of original tunes from her new album and those songs were every bit as good as the rest of the songs. It doesn’t hurt that her band is stacked with such incredible musicians.

I’m glad I made it out for this show.

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