Fools Passing in the Night

We all have a friend that has a band. A lot of us are guilty of not going to see them play when we say we are.

I fell into that trap, but I finally went to see Fools last night at Luckey’s Club. They opened a three band show with Left On Wilson and Normal Bean Band.

I met Skyler Gibson through a mutual friend at the Hi-Fi, I knew right away that he was serious about his music. Sadly, I had never listened to his band before last night. I am kicking myself this morning because of that poor decision.

Their set last night was really good, they have stage presence, a great sound. The garage-rock grunge-ness without the screaming into the mic thing resonates with me and perhaps a lot of people in my generation, you know, X. It feels like late-90s, early 2Ks grunge. I love it. In general, I think Fools’ style is outside the current trend in Eugene for local bands in their age demographic.

This is a Eugene band that you should check out.

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