The First Sunday Session of 2017

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A Portland tradition is the Sunday Session at Rontoms. Two or three bands playing a show for the Sunday evening crowd. I’ve always loved Rontoms Sundays, I have learned about great bands through those shows.

This past weekend I traveled up to Portland with Le Rev and Pancho + The Factory from Eugene, Oregon for the New Years day show at Rontoms. I didn’t think that it would be too busy. People showed and Le Rev and Pancho put on great sets. They opened for the local band Lola Buzz Kill. That band is definitely a crowd favorite.

Jon Timm was on hand to run visual and lighting effects. Marc Christiansen was running the sound. These two guys are on top of their game. The show was rounded out nicely by Fade In Chorus’ very own Berg as his alter-ego Trimp who was playing also Trimp’s alter-ego Trimp Santa. It’s tough to wrap your head around, but it just works.

In the few years I’ve been going to the Sunday Session, I don’t think I’ve ever seen bands not from Portland play. I’m not certain that PDX venues would even take a risk with a Eugene band that didn’t already have mind share in Portland. It is good to see bands from smaller markets show up in the big city.

Check out Pancho’s and Le Rev’s music below.

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