Day Two: Day of the Homies

Going to shows is fun, even if you are going solo. However, when you have the kind of homies I’m lucky to have, shows are that much better.

Every show I went to, I ran into friends, old and new.

Day two was even better than day one.

I started at PreFunk for Sunbathe. A fantastic trip from Portland. PreFunk is now an official venue with a cool outdoor stage. So much great beer on tap!

I caught a little bit of Liz Cooper at Main Stage. That was a lot of fun too. I love the Main Stage during the day.

I spent most of my show-watching at the Linen Building, starting with Blood Lemon. Their set was fantastic.

Then to Tom Grainey’s for And And And. Those guys really do crush every set. I’ve known them for so long and have seen so many shows, it was great to see them, and that stage and crowd seemed for their style of rock.

Billy Moon at the Olympic Venue was so much fun. It was like walking into early aughts hait-rock band. Oddly I was the photographer there.

Linen Building was where I stayed for the rest of the night. Bitch’n was up next and they are just awesome. “Awesome” is probably an understatement.

Mostly Muff is a local cover band that packed the Linen Building. They were so good too. When they covered Sweet Caroline, the crowd went nuts.

New Move! Mic drop! I love these guys.

To make it even more interesting, Kyle, Jessie, and Becca did a whole second set next with Jared Mees. Not only does he put on a killer set himself, but to play with those three can’t be missed.

I talked to Kyle after the show and he was drenched. He is such a hard hittin’ drummer I don’t know how he can play that hard for over an hour and a half!

Bring on day three!

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