Day 3 – Treefort is Keeping Us Busy.

I feel I took it a lot easier for day 3, but I also saw a lot of great music.

Unlike my media-comrades-in-arms, I have been approaching my assignment like a regular show-goer. I don’t dart in and dart out for a couple of pictures and hit the next venue. I usually stick around for the whole set. I want to have fun too. However I did pull a quick snap-and-dash at the Main Stage, for the most part I stuck to my plan.

The day started a little late for me, 5:30 with eL Dopamine, the show appeared to be a lot of locals. They’re a good band.

Since I was already at Neurolux, I stuck around for GENDERS. I haven’t seen them since last Treefort. They are a Portland band. A tight rock band, always worth seeing.

The show a pulled a snap-and-dash was Oddisee & Good Company. I hit the pit for a couple of songs. I wasn’t disappointed by this hip-hop group. The photo-pit was a crowded, but everybody was fantastic.

Perhaps my favorite show was Everyone is Dirty at the Linen Building. A raucous four-piece band. These guys were so good.

Method’s of Dance, a group of old school local rockers, they killed it.

Marshall Poole was at Shredder. I love that band, and I wasn’t gonna miss their show. I caught them at the Black Forrest last year. I’m so glad they are playing Treefort.

Dirt Fisherman, some local heroes back in the saddle. Neurolux was going strong.

Treepeople. Damn. I mean damn, these guys rock hard and the mosh-pit I got stuck in was epic!

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