Day Three: The Treefort Adventure Continues

Friday was another great day. There were a lot more early and unofficial shows.

My day started early with a nice walk through downtown with my cameras. I made sure I got a bloodymary at Neurolux before hitting my first show.

There was a cool Portland party at the Olympic Venue and I caught Møtrik, then I left after they played and then I went back for some Bryson Cone!

Oh Rose was my second set. They come Olympia and put on a killer set at PreFunk. I didn’t get to catch their second set, I’m a little bummed about that.

Esmé Patterson was next on my list at the Main Stage. She puts on a good set and her music is definitely worth checking out.

Prism Bitch at PreFunk was amazing! I caught them last year at the Linen Building. So good, such great energy.

And And And played an unofficial show at Boise Brewery. They are attempting to play a completely different set each night they play.

Well Travis and I quickly got over to the Shredder for deathlist. Unfortunately we got there for the last song. So based on that one song, I want to see more of this band.

Kyle Emerson is from Denver, and it turns out that the drummer, Andrew is a homie from Boulder. I was stoked to catch these guys.

HELP, Bim, Boon, and Ryan. Holy cow , this is one raucous punk band! So loud, so fast, so awesome.

So off to the Linen Building for a packed house to see Sun Blood Stories! I try not to miss one of their shows, they are just so good. Dreaming, doomy sometimes but always melodic.

Dandu played at the Funky Taco. This is the hardest spot I ever photographed. The sound was pretty good, especially for a band like Dandu that benefits from nice sound. They are an instrumental band, but there is so much nuance in the syths, bass, and drums.

I have never seen Autonomics before, but they are an impressive rock band. They played Tom Grainey’s to a great crowd. They hail from Portland, Ore.

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