Day Five: All Good Things Come to an End

Day five had some rain early in the day and I think that put a damper on the outdoor shows. The sun came out and and the rest of the day was magical…

First stop was the Linen Building for Central City Music Company. An interesting set and a lot of fun. There wasn’t a huge turn out, but because they are so popular the crowd was stoked they played. I for one enjoyed their set.

Sunbathe a second time was cool. When Jose and I rolled out of the Linen Building, we heard a rad band at Camp Modern and it turned out to be Maggie May singing.

Then back to the Linen for Wooden Indian Burial Ground. The band .bed show was canceled. So seeing WIBG was a nice treat. Yeah, I know they’re loud, but they are still amazing.

I cruise on over to Boise All-ages Movement Project to see Death Matches of a Grade School Nightmare, So good, especially for such a young band. It’s really cool that Treefort supports young musicians.

Yay! jo passed again. Something of a mellower set than their first one, but it was still so good.

Now it’s And And And, playing at a popular all ages venue. These guys continued play some older songs for their new fans.

My next stop was to catch Black Belt Eagle Scout, but I got there half way through Slang‘s set at the Olympic Venue. They put on a killer set and the crowd was stoked to be there too.

I met up with Daniel while I was there and we shot the Black Belt Eagle Scout set. This was the second time I saw them play and they are just fantastic. One of my favorite Portland bands.

My Treefort closed out at Boise All-ages Movement Project with two killer bands.

Plastic Man from Florence Italy was so damn could. They are quite a talented psych-rock band. So good.

My Treefort ended with Scott Yoder and his band. Scott puts on a great show. It’s part musical theatre and rock band. This was a great way to end my five days of fun.

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