Closing Thoughts on My Treefort, 2019

For me, Treefort just gets better every year.

I went to my first Treefort back in 2015. I was late to the game. I was hooked right away. I was bummed when I couldn’t make 2016. As 2017 started to wind up I applied for my press credentials and I have been getting approved for the next three years.

I went, and I worked my ass off running from venue to venue photographing live shows. I loved doing that, it was a ton of fun and 2019 was no exception.

On the last day of Treefort, Todd Walberg and I were walking up Main Street in Boise, it was in between shows and it just hit me, “I just don’t want to do this anymore.” He was a little dumbfounded. I explained, I was just tired. All of that running to and from stages, just wears me out. To be perfectly honest, I am just bored of shooting live music.

I do plan to go back next year, but I am working on another photo-project for Treefort. Todd thought it was a good idea, but I still need to work out the details, like logistics and workflow. I’m not going to go into details right now, too much to work out.

These are my favorite shots from 2019.

These don’t represent all of the shows I went to, or even all of my favorites. In fact, I would argue, that I enjoyed every show. These are just my favorite pictures.


This was my first show, they played El Korah and the place was packed. I really like this set and these guys do a helluva job.

These guys were killer. They played at one of my favorite venues, Neurolux. Bloods hail from Sydney, Australia.

From London, UK, Doe, was so good. These guys were a lot of fun and I just dig their music. Looks like they just completed a month long tour in the U.S. I hope I get to see these guys again.

Illuminati Hotties

I gotta come clean, I only wanted to see this band because I like the name. Turns out these guys rock. Seems like SoCal is putting out some killer and bands these days, and this L.A. based group proves that statement.

And And

These guys are old friends and catching an And And And show, is required watching at Treefort. The guys have played every Treefort so far. This set was at Tom Grainey’s. It was a really good set. I also caught them at the Boise All Ages Movement Project.


Billy Moon and his band came in to Treefort by way of Toronto. I stumbled on to this show at the Olympic Venue. The only way I could describe their show was an early aughts glam-rock band. They were quite good. I had a lot of fun at this show. Oddly I didn’t see any other photographers at this show. It’s too bad, his show was fun.


Bitch’n is just so damn good. I had never seen them before, but I recognize a couple of women in this and from other Portland bands. They rocked the Linen Building.


I love these guys. They’re from Portland, but I have seen them more often in Eugene, than in Portland. They are such a great band, and definitely worth checking out.

Jared Mees —

Jared is certainly a Treefort staple. His set was at the Linen Building this year, and it worked out that he played after New Move. Now, half his band is in New Move too.

Møtrik —

This is a very technical rock band from Portland, Oregon. They are a super band. They make sure every note is in the right place, but they do it in a way that doesn’t sound pedantic.


Albuquerque, NM sent us this band. They are a very lively pop band and always put on a high energy show. This is the second Treefort that I caught them. This year, they played PreFunk’s outdoor stage.

Loud, dark, and awesome.


Kyle is a singer songwriter from Denver, Colorado. When I showed up to Neurolux to see his show, it seemed like there were a dozen or so people from Denver there to see him. That was cool. Ya know what else was cool? My homie Andrew Bair is on drums. I know Andrew from Boulder, he plays in another killer Denver band, Male Blonding.

Bim, Ryan, Boone just crush it out there. Loud and fast. If you make your way to PDX, and you get to see them live you will be entertained.

Sun Blood

I can’t go to Treefort and not go see this band. Their music is haunting, beautiful, and fuzzy. I really these guys, as musicians and as solid, down to earth people.


I was walking past Main Stage and just hear this beautiful stringed instrument just pouring off the stage and over the fence. It stopped me dead in my tracks and I ran inside and maneuvered my way up to the photo-pit. I shot for a minutes, but then I stepped over to the side and just listened for a while. They were just so good.

Holy smokes, this four-piece Japanese pop band was so much fun. I really got a kick out of these girls. Fun Fun Fun.


I headed over to the Linen Building to catch this band, but I couldn’t remember why or how I got to put them on my list, but since it had a heart, I figured I should check them out. I did amd they were so awesome.


I saw this band last year at the Linen Building on a suggestion of a friend and I made sure I did not miss this Vancouver BC again. These guys are amazing. I made sure I caught them at two sets.

Black Belt Eagle

I love this band so much. Catherine really does write beautiful songs. This set was very well attended by fan and photographers.


Scott is a popular musician from Seattle and he was also a founding member of the rock band The Pharmacy. I first met Scott a few years back in a Portland recording studio. He was playing a few tracks on a friend’s album. Scott is a brilliant musician and songwriter. As of late, his shows are very theatrical. Interesting costumes and lights go a long way to bringing the audience into the experience of the show.

I have a complete gallery on my portfolio site, here.


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