You Can’t Go Wrong at the Black Forest

I am glad there is so much live music available to me here in Eugene. I had a long Thursday in front of the computer. I was finishing up my last wedding editing gig of the season (I hope) at about 9:00 pm. I was able to take a break for a couple of hours and hit up Black Forest to catch Connor O’Shea. Skyeler was running sound, I knew it was going to be fantastic.

Case Federal was up first. His set was very theatrical, he had an interesting light display in the background. He even wore a mask at one point. His music was haunting and rhythmic. He’s a one man operation up there so he had to build his sounds in layers. He’s really quite good at it.

Then next up it was Lia Menaker. She is on a 50 show solo tour. That’s quite an undertaking. It takes a lot of work to set something like that up. Lia played a mélange of styles; pop, soul, funk, rock, and folk. She pulled it off really well. She has such a big voice with great style. She has so much energy. I would like to see her with a full band. I’m not a huge fan of drum machines and pre-recorded clips, but I understand that it’s necessary. Lia does get a lot of work done with her keyboard and a MacBook Pro. Definitely worth checking out.

Last up, Connor O’Shea, they were the reason I left my desk in the first place. Even if I didn’t like the other acts, I had them to fall back on. They play a rock-jazz fusion thing that can’t even be contained in that limited label. If you’re in Eugene you really need to check these guys out.

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