The Blue Room Has Lighting Game

I always look forward to nice stage lighting when I go see a band. Last night at the Blue Room, was fantastic. I wasn’t able to catch all three bands, but I caught the last set with Muscle Beach Petting Zoo. Their set was tight.

The sound was fine. I really like that it wasn’t too loud. This was my second visit to the Blue Room, it’s popular spot with the college aged kids, so there was a good turnout. Last night I noticed that they had stage lighting. Yeah, a house venue with lights. It was damn cool that they had somebody running them too. This is the kind of effort that actual music venues should put into their shows. I have been to a lot of shows in a lot of small bars that don’t even bother. I’ve also been to actual music venues with proper sound systems that don’t bother either.

I understand, lighting is expensive, and good lighting is really expensive. Yes, put the money towards sound and the engineering first, but don’t discount the importance of visual elements. When the average showgoer experiences a killer band and there happens to be some good lighting on stage. They don’t go away saying, “that was great stage lighting!”, they say “that was show!”. This is one of my favorite rants.

It sorta bothers me when a band takes the stage and tells the front-of-house to turn down or even off the lights. So they could create a “mood”. Who wants to sit in the freakin’ dark? When people go to a show, they like to be visually entertained as well

end rant

Last night MBPZ really put on a great show. Most of this, is because the band is freakin’ amazing. Interesting lights always helps. The lighting was interesting and dynamic. The crowd was into the show and it was definitely because the lighting kept the interest on the stage and the band.

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