Back To Old Nick’s

Last week I hit Old Nick’s for a show. It’s been a hot-minute since I’ve been there for a show. I’ve always liked that bar / venue.  I was a real regular at Nick’s in ’17, not so much in ’18.

Sam from the band The Service Call is a homie and suggested I come and check out his band. I was familiar with the other bands on the bill. The Wobblies, Ten Pole Drunk, and The Athiarchists were killer.

I do love to photograph shows, but to be frank, I don’t much care to shoot shows at Old Nick’s. Historically the lighting is horrible. However when I arrived for this show, I noticed they had installed some new lights above the stage, “this is promising” I thought.  Lighting works best, when venues use them.

The Service Call

The Wobblies

Ten Pole Drunk

The Athiarchists

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