Rainy Day at Treefort, Day 3

Let the rain come. The music still won’t stop. Another day here in the musical wild west. There is so much music, it’s hard to keep track of all the […]

I Went to a Play! Day 2 at Treefort

On Thursday: Travis, Berg, Nathan and I went to a brilliant play at the Boise Contemporary Theater called “There’s Chinese Tunnels Under Boise”. I can tell you that the play […]

Treefort 2017 Day 1

Day one was a pretty good start. I only caught a few bands, but it was still a fantastic start. This is not a review of the shows, I just […]

The Forest for the Trees

Since I’ve been back in Eugene, I have admittedly avoided going to shows at the Black Forest. Several years back I went to a show there and had a terrible […]

Tuesday Night’s Alright for Fighting

Tuesday night is also great for live music in Eugene. A four band line-up with a solid crowd all night. Old Nick’s is really becoming a favorite small venue of […]

A Grand Music Tour Spanning 3 Nights

And And And, Scott Yoder, and Surfs Drugs are on the road for a mini-tour. They started the tour in sunny Eugene, Oregon at Luckey’s Club. A great time was […]

Booty White and his Contraband

Nick Gamer and the lads played a lot of Classic Country Standards and pulled it off well. These guys are real pros, and any one of them could be playing […]

Anatomy of the House Show

The House Show, a fickle beast. We all remember when house shows were happening all the time. The idea that you could hit up a random house party and there […]

An Analogue Podcast

Fade In Chorus Analogue Podcast Hey, we recorded a podcast, on tape. On tape? Why? Well, because we thought it would be fun. Ya know what? It is. The idea […]

Pancho Puts On a X-Mas Pageant

A BENEFIT FOR EUGENE MUSICIANS AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCE!!! (MASV) I think everybody can get behind a worthy cause. Education and awareness of social issues is a big a help to […]