…and Scratchy was nowhere to be found.

I just went to an awesome show at the WOW Hall.

The Athiarchists

Holy smokes, these guys are just plain unbelievable. Two-piece rock mayhem. I LOVE THIS BAND!


Itchy Ribs Mr. Itchy’s 4/21 Eclectic Awesome Electric Extravaganza At Wow

I often forget about going to shows at the WOW Hall. I don’t know why, it’s down the street from my place. I had a fun time hanging out seeing these bands.


I really like these guys. All around talented three-piece rock band.

Free Beard

I had never seen them before, they are a fun band. That bass player is pretty damn good.



I had seen these guys before at Luckey’s and I was so stoked to see them on the bill.

Pirate Radio

WOW. These guys have so much energy. I have never seen four separate mosh pits going at once. That was a sight.


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