An Analogue Podcast

Fade In Chorus Analogue Podcast

Hey, we recorded a podcast, on tape.

On tape? Why?

Well, because we thought it would be fun. Ya know what? It is. The idea of a podcast originated in the digital realm. Pod comes from Apple’s iPod and cast refers to broadcast. Hence, Analogue Podcast is in theory an oxymoron. The very idea of putting a podcast on cassette and using that as the distribution platform is silly, but we will upload the audio file to the interwebs.

Berg and I figured that this would be great fun. Easy to make; battery-powered mixer, battery-powered Marantz cassette tape recorder, throw in a couple of mics and a blank tape and we could record anywhere and worry about digitizing later. Easy peasy!

What’s the podcast about?

Music! It’s about music. Berg and I talk about and with musicians and people in the independent music scene. We will dig into the local music scene here in sunny Eugene, Oregon. What could be better? We feel that the few local media outlets here don’t really spend much effort with the music scene. There is some coverage, but it’s generally pretty weak.

However, when you’re a dyed–in–the–wool musician, there is nothing better than learning more about the music going-ons.

Where’s the podcast?

We recorded our first podcast this afternoon. It will be up in a couple of days, here. Side A had a couple of hiccups, but we got through. It was a ton more fun. Side B will go live on the 15th of January. It would be nice if you guys listened, but it was great fun in any case. We will keep our archive on cassette and when we get our merch shop opened, we’ll offer the tapes for sale. Trust me, they’ll be cheap!

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