What We’re All About

Tom Chamberlain is a photographer and content creator. He was a junior-high / high-school band-geek and later studied classical guitar. He studied commercial photographer in art-school and eventually found a love for music photography. Tom has photographed musicians all over the country, but has a special love for the music scene in the Pacific Northwest.

Passionate about photography, he works in a range of genres and styles. Music is where he prefers to work. Tom shoots live music, but really excels in shooting musicians off stage to capture the artists in the wild.

Tom has a more than a decade of experience working in web technology. He uses that experience to help artists communicate with fans and buyers in the digital space.


Berg Radin is the front-man for the Springfield, Oregon supergroup Surfs Drugs. He is also a founding member of Portland rock band, And And And. Berg’s life since childhood has revolved around making music. For more than a decade, Berg has been in the middle of the Pacific Northwest independent music scene. He is deeply passionate about bringing people together to enjoy our local music. He also has a special talent and love for music marketing and promotion.

Surfs Drugs