A Show in the Hi-Fi Lounge Has Never Let Me Down

It was just another early Thursday afternoon when Jeremy asked if I was going to stick around for the show. Of course I was caught off guard because I didn’t know who was playing. The line up was killer. Gazelles, This Patch of Sky, Gatherers (NJ), and Bent Knee (Boston).

I rushed home to grab a camera and ear protection. I made it back in time to have a couple of tacos and a beer, before the show kicked off with Gazelles. I can’t even tell you how much i like this band. So loud and tight. A great energy and really nice people in-real-life. They show started earlier than normal and I saw Matt as he came in and mentioned that he missed Gazelles. It looked like his heart broke. I get it, I love this band too.

This Patch of Sky has a really cool sound, heavy and dreamy, if that’s possible. They are so good, and so worth checking out.

Gatherers is a band I didn’t know. They are a rock band from New Jersey touring with Bent Knee. They are loud. I like loud though. They are tight and definitely top-tier musicians. I think their tour is going well. They had a good audience and it went over well.

What can I say about Bent Knee that hasn’t been said before? These guys are amazing. So good, so tight, even with a sit-in drummer (from Gatherers). I’m pretty sure this is the band everyone came to see. I saw them once a few years back in Portland. I didn’t realize last night until I saw them on stage. When Jeremy told they were playing, I knew the band name and I didn’t know why, until I saw them on stage.

I have no problem saying, putting a touring band on last in Eugene seems to be a risky move on a Thursday evening when the University is on a summer break. I have seen dozens of touring bands come through Eugene that end up playing to a handful of people. It worked out just fine this time.

The Hi-Fi is my go to spot for live music. It’s just a solid venue and has a real cool vibe. I’ve never been let down there.

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