A Night of Funk

Who says we don’t have great music rolling through Eugene?

Wednesday, was just another reason Eugene is a great stop for touring musicians.

I stopped in at the HiFi for a quick beer before heading home, I wasn’t planning on staying for a show. As I’m sitting drinking my delicious Hop Valley IPA. I hear some serious funk coming from the main hall, I look over to my favorite bearded door man, and we both had the same thought, I should really be in there. I get the go-ahead from management and away I go. I walk in to the main room and see there are a fair number of people, 8 pm on a school night none the less. Two bands from California passing through town really lit that room up.

Watching ORGŌNE and Object Heavy on stage helped remind me why I love going to shows and taking pictures. I had a lot of fun at this show.

Object Heavy


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