Welcome to Fade In Chorus.

Fade In Chorus give a glimpse into the Eugene independent music scene with articles, pictures, interviews and a podcast.

Located in sunny Eugene Oregon, we help local musicians the tools to succeed in this very competitive market. Fade In Chorus is a group of indie music lovers dedicated to giving musicians and artists a voice in the industry. We help independent musicians with marketing while maintaining their own voice.

Fade In Chorus is passionate about independent music. Berg and Tom have worked in the indie music scene for several years and really see independent music as something that needs to nurtured and loved. We have seen great musicians still need help with some basic management tasks that may seem too daunting for some. We are here to help.

Check out our music podcast were we discuss the goings on around town. We discuss the local music and bands in the Pacific Northwest.

We can help with promotion, photography, video, and even merch. We can work with all kinds of budgets to get you going!